Part of making sailing and travelling possible is to have the necessary funds for it.

I have been fortunate to stay on as a consultant for my previous employer, which is a top league football club in Denmark. My task when I was there, was to kickstart an ambitious effort within sustainability and climate responsibility for the club; something that is soooo meaningful and I am thrilled that I can continue to follow this.

I have also had my first consulting job for a UK based company, and soon I’ll be opening up my remote consultancy shop, so to say. Soon there might even be a website coming 😉

Rasmus also has continued working for his employer in Aarhus, where he was business partner and director at a small and agile branch of a global media company. They basically just scaled his position down to a quarter of what is was, so although working remotely, he is still part of the team, still has clients, and still get to deliver strategy work and consultancy on a significant level.

Mixing business with travelling is pleasure. See what I did there?

We have more flexibility than before, but part of the ambition for our travels is to create a meaningful way of living; not an extended vacation. So I am so happy that I get to work some days, while other days are all about fixing the boat or checking the weather.

Any thoughts on how you create this meaningful way of living? Would love to hear them in the comments.

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