Top five hiking routes in southeast Spain 

These are our must-walks! Five stunningly beautiful hiking routes in the Alicante and Cartagena, Murcia regions.

We’ve been spending winter in the Yacht Port Cartagena, and we learned that waiting for spring season does not have to be boring or non-adventurous. Cartagena is a natural harbour city, its history dates back some 3000 years to Roman times (!), which, when noticing the surroundings, seems like an obvious choice. The city is surrounded by mountains and water all the way around, which in Roman times made it almost impossible to conquer.

So we’ve been hiking up and down all of these mountain tops, enjoying one stunning view of the city after the other! We also spent some time further away from Cartagena, in the Alicante area. North of Alicante are numerous absolutely stunning routes to seek out.

If you are considering if these routes should be on your top list too, check them out on Wikiloc.

Our criteria for a top route are the following:

  • The route should be circular. That way, you see the most and the route somehow has a narrative…
  • Category level should be moderate. This is always a bit difficult to evaluate, but ‘easy’ is too easy!
  • Length can differ, but should ideally be around 8-12 kilometers.
  • We also need some vertical meters! Anything under 300m is too little, while more than 700m can be too much for the route length


Here are our recommended top FIVE hiking routes in SouthEast Spain



From the top you have the most amazing view over a mountainous lake (Embassament de Guadalest) that boast an incredible blue colour, owing to the high amount of limestone in the water.

After the hike, you can visit the actual town of Guadalest, which is somewhat touristic but the castle and the view from there is worth the trip.


Penin de Ifach

What an impressive rock formation! The Penin goes right into the sea, and the hike takes you all the way to the top. It’s the only non-circular route that’s made in onto the list, but I do find it worth it. If possible, try to go off season, as the hike is reachable and manageable so it attracts a lot of visitors. This has also caused very slippery limestone along the path, which you should be mindful of. The route has amazing ocean views, and a 360° view from the top, over land to one side and ocean to the other. The very last meters to the top gets you scrambling a bit, but that just adds to the fun.


Sierra de Bernia

This one is a winner! You’ll experience so many different moods along the way. First you climb along small paths up the mountain’s north side, then through a 20 meter tunnel crawling on your knees or sitting. Coming out on the south side, you’ll have the sun in your face and a gorgeous view over the area and out over the ocean. You’ll stay in this altitude as you walk along the ridge, before reaching the pass to get back.

The walk starts at Les Cases de Bèrnia.



If you are at the marina in Cartagena and take a 360 degree turn, this is the highest peak that you will see. The Roldán is a really cool hike, accessible from the city, and has amazing views of the near-city surroundings. Go to the Subida del Roldán to start, and you’ll easily find the way up. As it is close to Cartagena, you will likely meet other hikers, especially if you go on a Saturday or Sunday.


La Muela

Interesting climbs, stunning views, and a mountain top that is actually a plateau. Once you get there, catch your breath and climb down a stairway to avoid the drop-off cliff. The route isn’t over yet. You’ll quit the broader gravel road for a small path that takes you all the way down, ending in a dried-out riverbed the last bit back to your starting point.

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