Rookie Sailors


Here is my rookie list of things to consider

It is going to be awesome: hang out with your best friends, take swims in the ocean when on anchor, have sundowners every night and do hikes on a pristine island beach every morning. In other words, sailing is the perfect vacation, whether you’re full time cruisers or renting a sailboat in the Meds. But! you are also going to be on a sailboat, and you are the captain – which means that you’re responsible for everyone’s safety as well as sailing the boat, planning the route, docking, checking the weather updates and so on. So how do you balance both of these roles? How do you have fun with your friends and at the same time be the captain who ensures safety and security on board?

In my experience… it is hard! But you can make it easier on both captain and crew by – as with everything else with sailing – yes you guessed it: Proper preparation. To be honest, preparing has never been my strong suit, so the advice and ideas that I am going to share here all come from hard earned experiences. 

If you are a cruiser couple or regular crew that is used to sailing with each other, remember that this all new to your friends – oh and you might have picked up some weird cabin-crazy habits you want to inform your friends about (or get rid off…). 😉

But remember; this is merely our experiences as the ever evolving rookie sailors that we are, so do not expect a final checklist. Instead, you can add your own experiences to the list.

Anyway, here is some of our best advice on how to prepare yourself for a sailing vacation with friends, while maintaining the role as captain.


Have an informal sail meeting before the vacation even starts and talk about everything below (and all the stuff I forgot or didn’t yet know). This is also the perfect time to decide (and test!) your favourite sundowners.

Make sure to include:

So basically - let your friends do the shopping ...



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