Can you be a musician and sail?

The answer is: Yes you can!

We record and perform music on board as the rock duo The Shrines.
A couple years before moving on board we founded the rock band The Shrines. We have always  been playing music so it feels natural to bring it with us out on the seas. We actually met in a rock band called Bias (but that’s another story, so let’s not go there yet). 

We have decided to do a couple of simple versions of our songs and a couple covers, while we are sailing from Denmark to the Mediterranean. We call it The Boat Sessions – check it out here:

Who are The Shrines? 

The Shrines is our rock duo where we play our own original music. We have just finished our debut album, it was released by the end of May 2022. We have toured in Denmark, Germany and Latvia. Oh and one show in London, which was actually our first and we hope to continue to play shows all over the world while sailing. 

We write all the music and lyrics ourselves – it’s a great way to spend a rainy day inside on La Louve. When we think that we’ve recorded all elements for a song, we send it to our very good friend and amazing producer Anders Ruby, who does all of our mixing and mastering.

For the musicians and producers out there, here is some of the nerdy stuff:
– We use Ableton Live to compose, record and mix.
– We have two Genelec 8320 studio monitors stored away safely.
– Rasmus was allowed to bring (only!) two guitars on board. A custom Søvad Telecaster and a Martin Dreadnought Junior StreetMaster. And a LOT of pedals.
– Anne’s vocal is recorded with a Shure SM7B. The acoustics on a sailboat are actually pretty good for recording vocals. Lots of wood and no opposite right angles. 
– Drums are composed and recorded on an Ableton Push with different drum plugins. 

Tips on making music while living onboard


If you would like more content about music, how to record onboard or anything in that direction let us know in the comments!

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